Glass by Kristine
     Custom Leaded

Kristine has been creating beautiful and unique stained glass since 2004. Shaping and molding her style over the years, she started in the copper foil method and then converted to the lead came method. Each piece is one of a kind and Kristine takes takes great pride and joy in the process as well as in the end product.

Kristine has always been an artist and started in drawing and painting, but found her passion in stained glass. She is inspired by nature and captivated by the beauty of the light through glass and the variety in types and colors of glass. There are infinite combinations!

Glass by Kristine pieces really differ from other stained glass art in that Kristine blends her love for antiques with her love for glass art. She incorporates old, unique items like crystals, plates, salt cellars, geodes, and bottles into many of her designs. Kristine’s art is considered functional and beautiful.

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